The Hardy Pond Association was organized by area residents in 1991 to protect Hardy Pond and its natural environment, recreational resources, and water quality. Its goals are to:
  • promote and perform long-term maintenance and stewardship of the pond;
  • clean up and protect the adjoining wetlands and shoreline;
  • encourage proper conservation practices by abutters and users of the pond;
  • keep the neighborhood residents aware of pond-related issues and events;
  • initiate a comprehensive watershed and pond management study;
  • pursue funding to maintain and improve the pond.


After decades of hard work, setbacks and successes, Hardy Pond was dredged and restored to its former glory. See 20th Century history for more information. However, it is clear that we can’t stop there. The pond’s dynamic ecosystem requires not only maintenance but also efforts to improve water quality, shoreline restoration, and opportunities for public enjoyment. Over the years the HPA has been at the forefront in some of these endeavors, as illustrated below.
Hardy Pond Cleanup Team #3
The Hardy Pond Association’s organized annual cleanups of the pond, shore, and wetlands by the area’s residents always results in a mound (or 3) of trash.

HPA partnered with UMass Boston for in-depth water quality studies; see also WLT's 2013 Fall Journal article.

HPA secured a grant to map the entire Hardy Pond watershed, a necessary first step for  designing future water quality improvements. For information about these and other stewardship activities see WLT’s 2019 Spring Journal article.
Volunteers installed Do Not Dump plaques on all stormwater drains that lead to Hardy Pond, as well as placing other large proper care signs.

Keep It Hardy

In an effort to help maintain and improve the environmental conditions of and around the pond, the HPA produced this jam-packed educational booklet called Keep It Hardy. Download your copy of the PDF to learn about what you can do to help, especially if you live in the Hardy Pond watershed.

These are just a few examples of HPA accomplishments. The work continues, and your support can help!

Please join the Waltham Land Trust. Your membership to further a legacy of land and environmental conservation in Waltham.

If you enjoy Hardy Pond and want to contribute in its continuing efforts to care for it, please consider a donation to the Hardy Pond Stewardship Fund.

Your donation will go towards such things as:

  • purchasing and installing area signage;
  • monitoring the pond/water quality conditions and pursuing funding to improve the pond’s health;
  • advocating for pond and public access improvements;
  • coordinating annual cleanups;
  • promoting proper environmental practices by abutters and users of the pond.

And if you would like to become more involved in these sorts of activities, please contact WLT with your expression of interest.