Open Space Inventory

The Land Committee of the Waltham Land Trust conducted an inventory of all open space parcels of 4 acres or more in the city. For each parcel, the committee investigated three characteristics (for more information see Open Space Evaluation Criteria):

  • Size - The size in acres.
  • Value - A number that combines several factors to determine a value for each parcel.
  • Risk - A subjective assessment of the risk that a parcel might be developed (Protected, Potentially Threatened, High Risk)

The results of the inventory are presented as a searchable table below.

Key for Table:
  • E - Ecological
  • G - Geologic
  • H/C - Historical/Cultural
  • R/E - Recreational/Educational
  • C - Connectivity
Notes about particular parcels:

‡ - The parcel needs to be re-evaluated due to recent changes.
◊ - Beaver Brook North Reservation has 254 acres total, with 155 acres in Waltham, 66 acres in Lexington, and 33 acres in Belmont.
§ - Historic Beaver Brook Reservation has 59 acres total, with 43 acres in Waltham and 16 acres in Belmont.

Using the table:
  • To sort the table below, click on the column title.
  • The search box can be used to limit which parcels are displayed. You can search for a name of a property or a Risk assessment like "High Risk".

Parcel Name
Risk Level
Berry Farm (Sam Park [was Polaroid])20Protected2032333
Cedar Hill Camp (Girl Scouts)75High Risk1931333
Lawrence Meadow (UMass)31High Risk1931333
Stearns Woodlot (Waltham Housing Auth)7High Risk1932233
Met State Lawns (Lots 2,4,5)‡51.5High Risk1831233
Stigmatine Espousal Center40High Risk1723223
Parts of Fernald State School35High Risk1622223
Woods at Waltham High School15High Risk1631123
Woods opposite Kennedy School7High Risk1622223
Woods/Wetlands off Jones Rd20High Risk1431122
Woods on Roberts Road9High Risk1421213
UMass Field Station28High Risk1311332
Waltham Dump/ Cram's Cove11High Risk1321222
Woods on Forest Park Dr4High Risk1122211
Sylvan Road Woods‡10High Risk1011212
Arrigo Pasture on Balm Ave. ‡5High Risk1011212
Bear Hill ‡20High Risk913111
Woods on Fir Ave ‡4High Risk911112
Brandeis - Sibley Road Parcels40Potentially Threatened2032333
Lyman Estate32Potentially Threatened1931333
Mount Feake Cemetery85Potentially Threatened1832332
proposed Hardy Pond Conservation Area22Potentially Threatened1731332
Brandeis Riverfront15Potentially Threatened1731133
Wetlands East of Falzone Park (Lot 3)5Potentially Threatened1731223
Woods behind NorthEast School23Potentially Threatened1622133
Woods and Wetlands at the YMCA5Potentially Threatened1631123
Woods on Marlborough Road4Potentially Threatened1631123
Hardy School Open Space7Potentially Threatened1532122
Forest Streeet Park15Potentially Threatened1531113
South Street Wetlands/ Memorial Park ‡7Potentially Threatened1531132
Former Olympus land behind the Fire Station6Potentially Threatened1521223
Beaver Brook Wetlands12Potentially Threatened1431122
Mass Central Rail Trail corridor6Potentially Threatened1421232
Woods at Cedarwood Playground6Potentially Threatened1411233
Buffer at Windsor Village4Potentially Threatened1421123
Gore Estate19Potentially Threatened1321331
Square Pond Woods, Beaver Street ‡5Potentially Threatened1331112
Woods behind Resevoir Place12Potentially Threatened1222112
Dale Street Woods ‡5Potentially Threatened1211123
Woods behind MacArthur School13Potentially Threatened1121131
Woods along Weston Line10Potentially Threatened1131111
Woods at Nipper Maher Playground7Potentially Threatened911131
Veterans Field Greenspace ‡5Potentially Threatened911131
Grove Hill Cemetery9.4Potentially Threatened811211
Calvary Cemetery52Potentially Threatened811211
Prospect Hill Park252Protected2133333
Beaver Brook North Reservation (DCR)◊155Protected2133333
Shady's Pond Conservation Area34Protected2032333
Sanderson Heights, Lincoln St26Protected1932233
Historic Beaver Brook Reservation (DCR)§43Protected1822333
Jericho Hill Summit6Protected1823233
Storer Conservation Area (Paine Estate)108Protected1721333
Chester Brook Woods26Protected1731133
Mackerel Hill Municipal Site7Protected1721333
Bow Street (Waltham portion of Lot 1)6Protected1721333
Waltham Woods12Protected1621323
Forest Grove Park (DCR)5Protected1621233
Cambridge Reservoir Woods75Protected1531312
Smith Street Wetlands16Protected1531113
Wellington Crossing Conservation Strip9Protected1411323
Edgewater Drive4Protected1421123
Waltham Common7Protected1111331
The Ridge16Developed1532122
Part of Jones Rd Woods (lost so far)13Developed1431122
Pigeon Hill Woods9Developed1121112