Open Space Inventory

The Land Committee of the Waltham Land Trust conducted an inventory of all open space parcels of 4 acres or more in the city. For each parcel, the committee investigated three characteristics (for more information see Open Space Evaluation Criteria):

  • Risk - A subjective assessment of the risk that a parcel might be developed: Lower, Potentially Threatened (PT), High
  • Acres - The size in acres
  • Rank - A number that combines several factors to determine a value for each parcel (1 is highest)

The results of the inventory are presented as a searchable table below.

Key for Table:
  • E - Ecological
  • G - Geologic
  • H&C - Historical & Cultural
  • R&E - Recreational & Educational
  • C - Connectivity
  • Total - Total of the 5 qualities above
  • Size Rank - Parcel ranked by size in acres
  • Score = ( (Ecological*2) + G + H&C + R&E + (Connectivity*2) ) * 100 / 21
Notes about particular parcels:

§ - The parcel needs to be re-evaluated due to recent changes.
* - Beaver Brook North Reservation has 254 acres total, with 155 acres in Waltham, 66 acres in Lexington, and 33 acres in Belmont.
** - Abuts Lot 1 Lex which is 48 acres

Using the table:
  • To sort the table below, click on the column title.
  • The search box can be used to limit which parcels are displayed. You can search for a name of a property or a Risk assessment like "High".

Parcel Name
Size Rank
HighHell's Mouth (Sibley Road Parcels)4011Brandeis3233320955
HighCedar Hill Girl Scout Camp755Patriot's Trail Girl Scouts31333199010
HighLawrence Meadow3116Umass Amherst31333199011
HighSanderson Heights, Lincoln St2618City of Waltham32233199012
HighStearns Woodlot - Chesterbrook Gardens747Waltham Housing Authority31333199013
HighJericho Hill Summit649City of Waltham23233188616
HighStigmatine Espousal Center4010Stigmatine Order23323188618
HighWoods at Waltham High School1529City of Waltham: Schools31133178127
HighWaltham Oaks (640 Lexington St)743Robt Hargrove22123157131
HighUMass Field Station & Farm2817Umass Amherst11333157138
HighWoods on Roberts Road939Private21213146741
HighWaltham Dump, Crams Cove1134City of Waltham, Private21222136246
HighWoods/Wetlands Off Jones Road 2024Various Private21122125750
HighThe Great Orchard (Balm Ave.) 553Arrigo Family11213125751
HighWoods on Forest Park Dr.463Pigeon Hill Trust22211115256
HighSylvan Road 1035Davis Marcus Partners11212104858
HighBear Hill 2022AT&T1311194359
HighWoods on Fir Ave. 462City & Private1111294362
PTLyman Estate3215Historic New England3233320958
PTMt Feake Cemetery854City of Waltham: Cemetery3233320959
PTBrandeis Riverfront1527Comm MA & Brandeis31233188617
PTDCAMM Lot 3 [East of Falzone Park]555Comm. of Mass31233188619
PTYMCA Chester Brook Corridor558YMCA31233188620
PTChester Brook Woods2619City of Waltham31133178122
PTHardy Pond Conservation Area3221City & Private31332178123
PTWoods behind NE School 2320City of Waltham: Schools22233178126
PTMiddlesex Hospital Settlement Land650City of Waltham21233167630
PTWoods on Marlborough Road464City of Waltham, Private31113157132
PTForest Street Park1528City of Waltham31113157135
PTHardy School Open Space 744City & Lincoln Properties32122157136
PTSouth St. Wetlands/Mem. Park 746City / Beth Israel Temple31132157137
PTBeaver Brook Wetlands1231Duffy Bros. Inc.31122146740
PTWoods at Cedarwood Playground 651City of Waltham21232146743
PTBuffer at Windsor Village460Private?21123146744
PTSquare Pond Woods, Beaver Street 556City of Waltham31112136247
PTDale St. woods §552Antico12123136248
PTWoods behind "The Silver Building"1233Tracer Lane Trust22112125749
PTWoods Behind MacArthur School1330City of Waltham21131115252
PTGore Estate1925Private11331115253
PTWoods along Weston Line1036Various31111115254
PTWoods at Nipper Maher Playground 741City of Waltham1113194360
PTVeterans Field Greenspace 557City / Bentley / Gann1113194361
PTCalvary Cemetery528Rom. Cath. Church1121183863
PTGrove Hill Cemetery937City of Waltham1121183864
LowerProspect Hill Park2522City of Waltham: Parks&Rec33333211001
LowerBeaver Brook North Reservation *1551Comm. of Mass: DCR33333211002
LowerCPA side of Fernald 14013City of Waltham3233320953
LowerCharles River Reservation (est'd acreage)4012DCR3233320954
LowerShady's Pond Conservation Area3414City of Waltham3233320956
LowerBerry Park2023City of Waltham3233320957
LowerMet State Lawns (lots 2,4,5) 529City of Waltham31333199014
LowerHistoric Beaver Brook Reservation597Comm. of Mass: DCR22333188615
LowerStorer Conservation Area1083City of Waltham: ConCom21333178121
LowerMackerel Hill Municipal Site742City of Waltham21333178124
LowerBow Street (Lot 1) **648City of Waltham21333178125
LowerWaltham Woods1232City of Waltham21323167628
LowerForest Grove DCR Park554Comm. of Mass21233167629
LowerCambridge Reservoir Woods756City of Cambridge31312157133
LowerSmith St Wetlands1626City of Waltham31113157134
LowerMass Central Rail Trail745Comm. of Mass: DCR11333157139
LowerWellington Crossing Conservation Strip938Pulte Homes11323146742
LowerEdgewater Drive461City & Private21123146745
LowerWaltham Common740City of Waltham11331115255
LowerArrigo Farm459Arrigo Family11331115257