City Hall, Waltham, Massachusetts.

City Council Candidates’ responses to WLT’s Questionnaire

The Waltham Land Trust sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates running for City Council in Waltham. The deadline for responses was October 24th, 2017.

The questions we asked the candidates are:

  1. How would you assess how the city has managed and maintained open space? What plans do you have in mind to improve this work?
  2. Would you support the administration’s request to create a Park Ranger position within the Recreation Department to help the City responsibly manage its forested parcels (many of which were acquired in recent years)?
  3. Should Waltham Land Trust’s position on development guide the management of city-owned property?
  4. The Waltham Land Trust continues to encounter people tenting/living along Waltham’s trails and open spaces. We are concerned about a potential lack of facilities for folks who need them. What will you do to help this situation?
  5. For Wards 8 and 9, and others if they are interested: What is your vision for the Woerd Avenue Landfill site? How would you work with fellow city officials to move forward with the capping of the landfill to create open or recreational space?

All their answers have been compiled into a PDF for you to read.