City Hall, Waltham, Massachusetts.

Candidates’ responses to WLT’s questionnaire

UPDATED: October 17, 2019

The Waltham Land Trust sent the following questions to all Mayoral and City Council candidates who provided an email address to the Waltham City Clerk’s office.

  1. How would you assess how the city has managed and maintained open space? What plans do you have in mind to improve this work?
  2. Should Waltham Land Trust’s position on development guide the management of city-owned property?
  3. As the City of Waltham negotiates with UMass to take control of the Waltham Field Station and Lawrence Meadows on Beaver Street, what do you envision as the future for these parcels? What uses would you allow and encourage?
  4. For Ward 1 Candidates only: We hope you are aware that the City of Waltham’s Recreation Department is working on an updated Master Plan for Prospect Hill Park. What would you do to bring more residents and visitors to Waltham’s oldest and largest park while enhancing their experience there?

You can read all of the answers that were received by the deadline.