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Middlesex County Hospital Lands

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Middlesex County Hospital Lands Map 


The Middlesex County Hospital was established in the 1930’s on 110 acres of land spanning the Town of Lexington and the City of Waltham. The hospital ceased operation in the 1990’s and land was subdivided. A number of different entities assumed ownership of the various parcels. The land formerly occupied by the actual hospital building is now privately owned and forms the site of two housing developments, the Wellington Crossing Condominium development in Waltham, and the Lexington Hills housing development in Lexington.

A half-acre parcel containing the historic Wellington House on Trapelo Road is now owned by the City of Waltham. The house is being restored under the direction of the Waltham Historic Commission.

The remainder of the former hospital land is undeveloped open space. The largest portion, still referred to as “Lot 1” in Lexington is now under the control of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The smaller portion of Lot 1 that is located on the Waltham side of the boundary is now owned by the City of Waltham, and is sometimes referred to as the “Bow Street Parcel”. The Bow Street Parcel abuts Waltham’s Falzone Memorial Park, which was recently upgraded to include an artificial turf athletic field, and a paved parking lot. Between Falzone Park and the Wellington Crossing condominiums is a 5-acre parcel that is still owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and that is referred to as “Lot 3”.

Some parts of the open space have long been used by hikers and bikers. More recently, volunteers have performed additional trail work to provide a continuous trail from Walnut Street in Lexington to Trapelo Road in Waltham. This trail forms part of the Western Greenway Trail.


The Western Greenway Trail is marked with small square-shaped signs that are mounted on trees or wooden posts along the trail. However, the trail heads are not particularly well-marked. Here are some tips for finding the trails:

From Walnut Street, the trail enters the woods just north of Cart Path Lane. Hikers and bicyclists who are following the Western Greenway Trail from Beaver Brook Reservation should cross Walnut Street and turn right, using the sidewalk until entering the trail.

From Trapelo Road, the trail into “Lot 3” begins on the north side of Trapelo Road, just opposite the “Shady’s Pond Conservation Area” sign. It is necessary to climb a low rock wall to access this trail. A wooden step has been anchored next to the wall at the trail head to allow easier climbing.

From the parking lot at Falzone Park, trail visitors may walk along the paved path next to the sidelines of the soccer field. At the end of the field, there is an opening into the woods, just at the intersection of two trails, where the Western Greenway Trail makes a 90-degree turn (See map.)

As seen on the map, a spur trail from the Greenway Trail leads to the “Brookhaven at Lexington” retirement community. A number of Brookhaven residents work as trail stewards to maintain the trails in this area. Brookhaven also maintains a pleasant nature trail of compacted stone dust. While this trail is located on Brookhaven’s private property, public access is allowed. Note, however, that BICYCLES MUST BE WALKED along this trail. This allows the trail to be enjoyed by everyone, even those residents who might feel intimidated by a bicycle riding past them.

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