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Beaver Brook Historic Reservation

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Beaver Brook Historic Reservation Map

Park Overview

The Beaver Brook Historic Reservation is located near Waverley Square, at the intersection of Waverley Oaks Road, Mill Street and Trapelo Road, and is accessible by public transportation. The park is bisected by Trapelo Road.

Two ponds, fields, marshes and a cascading waterfall make the park’s north section a delightful place to walk or picnic. Parking spaces are along Mill Street.

The more developed south section features paved trails, restrooms, picnic tables, ball fields, tennis courts, a spray park and a handicapped-accessible playground. The parking lot entrance is on Waverley Oaks Road with limited on-street parking on Trapelo Road.


This is the first reservation created by the Metropolitan Parks Commission which is now the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). It was established in 1893, mainly to protect the Waverley Oaks, a stand of 22 massive and ancient white oaks, some estimated to be about 600 years old. About 100,000 people a year visited in the park’s early years to see the trees, one of which had a trunk that measured 17 feet, 3 inches, in diameter. The last of the Waverley Oaks died in the 1920’s, but at least one huge tree — believed to be the offspring of the originals — still stands in the park.

Beaver Brook Historic Reservation’s historic significance includes reminders of its past — the remains of a 19th-century flour mill, the historic Robert Morris Copeland House (ca. 1835) and a monument to the Waverley Oaks. 

 Site Facts

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Acreage: 59 acres

Terrain: Relatively flat with rocky areas and glacial moraines. Some wooded areas and some developed ones. Trail rating and elevation gain: Easy — Developed walking areas including paved and groomed trails. Elevation gain is insignificant.

Highlights: This is the first reservation in the Metropolitan Park System. Duck ponds, waterfalls, historic buildings.

Hazards: Unprotected access to waterways. Busy road divides the park.

Special rules: Dogs must be on leashes. Off limits to all motorized vehicles including ATVs.

Access & Parking: No access issues. Parking is adequate — some parking lots and on-street parking.

Handicapped accessibility: Fair/Good with many paved sections.

Public transportation:

  • Bus #73 (Harvard Station – Waverley Square) —  get off at last stop in Waverley Square.

  • Bus #554 (Downtown Boston via Newton Corner and Waverley Square) —  get off at Waverley Oaks Rd opposite Brookfield Rd.

  • Commuter Rail — Fitchburg/South Acton line (Waverley Station stop).

Contact: MA DCR, (617) 484-6357;


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